Sobhan Institute for Energy Studies (SIES) was founded in DATE by a group of experienced energy and petroleum-sectors specialists and experts, focused initially and primarily on Iran and serving both clients from this, our domestic market, and international clients – not least those seeking efficacious Iranian market entry.

The impressive scientific, engineering, analytical, and academic credentials (awards, track records, testimonials and qualifications) of SIES’s research fellows span: the fields of management, economy, law and engineering; and the entirety of the extractive industries value chain.

Example consultancy services:

Feasibility Studies Tenders and Procurement Strategic Leadership
Accountancy Corporate Finance Systematic Management
Project Finance Risk Management Organizational Controls
Banking Insurance Customs
Arbitration Negotiations Support Legal Services
Contractual Dispute Settlements Balanced Scorecard (stakeholder management) Contract law  as applied to the downstream and midstream.
Iranian Petroleum Contract and its predecessor, the (Iranian) Buy-Back Contract. Build Operate Transfer agreements, Turnkey operations, and Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs).  NB: the Iranian Petroleum Contract is effectively a hybrid between a fee-per-barrel of production (i.e. the Iraqi contractual regime) and Buy-Back.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver an exemplary level of service to clients seeking accurate, evidence-based, analysis, and informed recommendations regarding, energy markets that will enable them to optimize their own strategies and decision-making processes.

How We Do It

Sobhan Institute for Energy Studies (SIES) creates value for our clients through the practical application of our critical understanding of upstream, midstream and downstream markets in Iran and globally.  Our number one core competency is delivering high impact consulting with regards to Iran’s petroleum sector, including petroleum (oil and gas), petrochemicals, and downstream electricity.

We excel in the action-orientated study of the petroleum sector of our home market, Iran.  Unlike our competitors, we offer informed analysis at the level of the individual oil and gas field.   As a practical aid to investment decision-making, this level of analysis is unrivalled.   Uniquely, our service is inclusive of locally undertaken research to test, validate the input data used in our modeling, offering a far greater level of certainty to our resulting conclusions and recommendations.

Nimble and Effective

The energy sector in general, and petroleum specifically, is both environmentally sensitive and also requires sympathetic and sensitive treatment with respect to national authorities. SIES has the dexterity to effectively navigate these risks, and to offer practical guidance thereby.  Our shared commitment to the public sector, not least with the Islamic Republic of Iran, for sustainable, inclusive and enhanced-scale petroleum sector economic development strongly positions SIES as a positive and constructive partner for development and for government.