Market Studies

October 2014

Analysis and Forecast of Crude and Bitumen Market Status by 2017

April 2015

Market Analysis of Small Scale Power Generation Projects

October 2015 / October 2016

Study and Forecast Ammonia Market by 2020

۲۰۱۵ December
September 2016 / September 2017
Methanol Market Study and Forecast 2026-2016
October 2016 / October 2017
Market Analysis of Ethylene and Polyethylene: 2026 - 2016
October 2016 / October 2017

Study and Forecast of Urea Market 2021 - 2016


July 2017

Analysis of NGL Industry


October 2017

Forecast of Iranian Liquid Gas Market 2017-2025


Nevomber 2017

Explanation of Gas Burners Status of South Pars Refineries 2006 - 2016


Y 2017

Propylene and Polypropylene Market Analysis and Forecast 2026 - 2016


Y 2017

Analysis and Forecast of the Liquid Gas Market by 2020

Y 2018

Propylene and Polypropylene Market Analysis and Forecast 2027-2017

Y 2018

Analysis and Forecast of the Ethylene and Polyethylene Market 2027- 2017

Y 2018

Sulfur Market Analysis and Forecast 2022-2017

Y 2018

Market Analysis and Forecast of MEG / DEG / TEG Ethylene Glycol Types during 2017-2017

Y 2018

Explanation of the upstream oil burner gases status during 1996-2017 by operating zones

Y 2018

Analysis of Iran's NGL industry

Y 2018

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Market Analysis and Forecast Report

Y 2018

Global natural gas pricing mechanism


June 2011

Inspection and evaluation of Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery

September 2011

Studies of the Law on Targeting Subsidies Offshore Engineering and Construction Company

September 2011

Analysis of Dimensions and Effects of Anti-Iran Sanctions on Offshore Engineering and Construction Company Activities

Winter 2011

Draft Statute of National Iranian Oil Company

August 2013
Report on the performance of the ninth and tenth governments in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors
Februaray 2016

Analyzing and analyzing the performance of reciprocal contracts

Summer 2017
Review of the Practical Case of the Islamic Revolution from 1979 to 2017
October 2016

Review New Oil Contracts (IPC)

February 2017
July 2017

Investigating the performance of the eleventh government in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals

July 2017

Implementation of a model for the regeneration of combustion gases

February 2016

Financial Simulation Model of Iranian Oil Contracts IPC

February 2018

South Pars Phase 11 Financial Simulation

February 2018

Report on Analysis and Evaluation of Industrial Development Strategy of the Country in the Framework of Ten Economic Development Plans

October 2016

Designing Legal-Economic Model of Stakeholder Cooperation in Organizing Mobile Gas Problems

Business justification plans

Autumn 2011

Technical and economic studies plan for preparation of business plan of engineering inspection company in oil industry of Iran

October 2012

Justification plan for construction / purchase of liquefied petroleum

Y 2013

Assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of strategic and strategic assignment of Abu Dharr vessels

Y 2013

Vessel Maintenance Project Justification Report

Spring 2014
Justification plan to increase the capital of a marine engineering and construction company
Y 2014

Financial and economic advice for construction of seamless pipe production complex

Y 2016
Business justification plan for the Ethylene Center project line
June 2017

Technical, Economic and Financial Study of Masjed Soleiman Petroleum Refinery

June 2017

NGL Project Opportunity Study: Identifying Selected Projects

December 2017

Economic evaluation of NGL 3200 in accordance with banking standards

December 2017

Financial-economic evaluation of the purchase of new and used liquefied petroleum gas (LPG Carrier)

March 2017

NGL 1800 Preliminary Technical and Economic Assessment

March 2017

Initial Economic Evaluation of NGL 2300

March 2017
Initial economic evaluation of NGL 2400

Strategic and Practical Reports

December 2010

Developing appropriate frameworks for energy diplomacy in Iran

December 2012

Consequences of developing gas for the global energy market

January 2014

Investigating Iraq's Role in Future Developments of the World Oil Market

Summer 2013
Spring 2013
Strategic Competitions between Iran and America
Y 2013

Consequences of US policies toward Iran for the world economy

Y 2013
Costs and benefits of anti-Iranian sanctions from the perspective of national security experts
Y 2013

Consequences of Islamic Awakening for the World Market

winter 2014

Analyzing the strategies of international oil companies in the oil and gas market

December 2013

Consequences of Turkmen oil and gas development for the energy market

January 2014

Iran's National Oil Company Strategies in the World Market

Spring 2014

Overview of Outlook Document 2025

June 2014
The Determinant Position of Oil in the Iranian Economy
Y 2014
Opportunities to invest in the oil and gas sector under the 2014 Budget Law
Y 2015
Review of IPC contract projects
February 2015
Indexing the goals of the oil, gas and petrochemical fields based on resistance economy policies
February 2015
International pricing of natural gas
September 2016
Appropriate East Asian Business Corridor Development Strategy Based on Chabahar Ports of Iran - Pakistan
May 2017
Explain the tools and tools for private gas collecting schemes and the limitations of private sector investors in these projects.
July 2017
Methods of Financing Petroleum Gas Collection Projects
July 2017
Identification of investment opportunities in the collection of combustible gases (burner gases) based on bidding for the sale of petroleum gases and Article 12
August 2017
Explanation of Combined Petroleum Gases Burned During the Period (1996-2016) by Country Operating Zones
Criticism of the Ministry of Oil Resistance Economic Program
The role of offshore fields in the supply of oil and gas worldwide
A review of the strategy of international oil companies in the 20st and 21st centuries
Iran's position in the world science and technology basket